ALCHEMIA // 27.4. – 30.5.2018
Gallery Store x Enter Art Foundation
The Gallery Store is pleased to present their first collaboration with the Enter Art Foundation showcasing the exhibition ALCHEMIA during Gallery Weekend Berlin.
Myth and science are united in the art of alchemy. The art of refinement is taken up through fashion, whereby used materials obtain a new life by recycling and upcycling techniques.
The exhibition ALCHEMIA presents how conventional materials are refined into high-quality designs.
In collaboration with the ENTER ART FOUNDATION, the GALLERY MALINA presents the artists Ornella Orlandini and Enrico Zecchini, two artists working in the diverse medium of photography and painting, coming together through their alchemical and magical engagement with their materials.
ENTER ART FOUNDATION is a young, Berlin-based non-profit organization with the mission to support artits while building a unique collection of art.
Funded through donations, the project offers the opportunity for artists to connect with gallerists, collectors and art lovers through group exhibitions. Selected artists are invited to show and sell their works and can keep 100% of their sales. After its debut in Basel in June, 2016, EAF has now shown and supported more than 230 artists in eight major exhibitions in Berlin, Basel (Switzerland), Stockholm (Schweden) and Rovinj (Croatia), with more than 50.000 visitors and 180 sales. EAF does not highlight single artists, instead we invite visitors to form their own opinions about the artwork on view.

Till Wald & Suzy Royal General Manager & Co-Founder EAF – ENTER ART FOUNDATION

Office address: ENTER ART FOUNDATION gemeinnützige GmbH Kopenhagener Strasse 76 10437 Berlin

Phone: 0049 178 38 66 356



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