Theodoros Brouskomatis

Animatheca Boxes – Frida Kahlo

Mixed Media
16 x 11 x 5,5cm

Animatheca Boxes – Jim Morrison

Mixed Media
16 x 11 x 5,5cm


Animatheca Boxes – Coco Chanel

Mixed Media
16 x 11 x 5,5cm


b 1963 Greece. Lives and works in Athens.
Studied in Polytechnic School of Thessaloníki / Greece and worked as an Architect engineer until 2008. Since
May 2013 he is dealing with an art project, called „animATheca“, which in Latin means „soul case“. This project
is about constructing small shrine boxes -dioramas- dedicated to „famous“ people who have passed away. These
boxes, are very cheerful with vivid bright colors and aesthetically belong to the pop kitsch style. Each one of
his tiny boxes becomes a small reliquary where deceased pop icons are enshrined for modern day worship.
Initially Brouskomatis started to exhibit his work in stalls in art markets in London, such as Spitalfields and
Brick lane. In spring 2014 alternate his project – same technique in different subject- exclusively for the Benaki
museum in Athens, Greece. In October 2015 he had his first solo exhibition in Athens Greece. Since then he has
exhibited in many cities in Greece and in Berlin Germany. So far he archives a collection of more than 400
unique boxes and he is still working on this project, adding continuously new ones
October 2015: solo exhibition at the “Comme il FauX” – bar – gallery / Athens, Greece
December 2015: group exhibition at the Benaki museum / Athens, Greece
February 2016: group exhibition with the “Art Club of Northern Greece” / Katerini, Greece
March 2016: group exhibition at the “Ballery” / Schöneberg – Berlin
April 2016: group exhibition at the “Fougaro” gallery / Nafplion, Greece
May 2016: solo exhibition at the “Manifactura” galley / Athens, Greece
September 2016: group exhibition with the “Enter Art Foundation” / Berlin, Germany
September 2016: group exhibition „Artists book“ at the Greek Archaeological council central hall
October 2016: group exhibition „Small Size“ at the „Manifactura“ gallery / Athens, Greece
February 2017: group exhibition with the “Enter Art Foundation” / Berlin, Germany
April 2017: solo exhibition „Agion Panton – Holy Glam“ at MaiaZinc project room – gallery / Berlin, Germany
April 2017: group exhibition with the „Enter Art Foundation“ / Berlin, Germany
December 2017: group exhibition “Small size” at Manifactura Gallery / Athens, Greece
December 2017 : group exhibition “Faces” at Artisanal Art Space / Athens, Greece
December 2017 – January 2018: solo exhibition “Soul Case” at Suvannabhumi Art Gallery / Chiang Mai,
Fulfilling Feelings ___________________ Some people have an irresistible tendency towards exhibitionism of the
unconscious, collective or not. These are called artists and this practice called art.

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