Dressarte Paris


Dressarte Paris is the first made-to-measure sustainable clothes brand that offers timeless collections using biodegradable fabrics at affordable price and 100% online.
“I’ve always believed that when we wear clothes that are well made, we feel better and more confident,” says Nathalie Neuilly, founder of Dressarte, the first sustainable virtual atelier founded in Paris.
Dressarte Paris encourages women to express their style, identity and self-confidence by allowing them to modify the design and adapt clothes to women’s body measurements.
Nathalie – who grew up having her clothes tailored in an atelier run by her mother – created the online brand after realising there might be other women out there like her, who had no time to visit a tailor but who wanted clothes customised and cut to their body measurements.
Dressarte Paris believes that one of the best ways to produce clothes sustainably is to produce clothes on demand. No overproduction, no inventory, no waste.
Custom-made approach makes it possible to produce only what is needed focusing on quality of each garment. Thus, offering affordable price.
When creating collections, we work with biodegradable fabrics that are naturally hypoallergenic and unlike many synthetic materials, natural options are biodegradable and decompose harmlessly. ⠀

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