Graciela Huam


Graciela Huam is ethical fashion label that seamlessly blends Dutch and Peruvian traditions. The bold colours and culture from Peru, combined with the modern, contemporary designs and ideas from the Netherlands.
Graciela Huam’s concept collections are born in the Netherlands and they are designed and manufactured in Peru. Its design is characterized by the unique combination of superb quality, innovative crasmanship, sustainable lifestyle and traditional techniques handmade of knitwear in Peru, using only the
most exclusive raw materials include Peruvian Alpaca, baby Alpaca, and the sought-aer Pima Cotton. The results are versatile collections of knitwear, high end crasmanship pieces in a contemporary and ready-to-wear style.

Graciela Huam is committed to partnering with local entrepreneur artisans and small business. Currently, working in partnership with manufacturers in Puno, Cusco and Lima. Its values are founded on respect for nature, universal human rights and economic justice: “We follow the principals of commitment, responsible and sustainable production, using traditional methods in order to achieve quality that is superior to industrially made products. We believe in social respect, education and sustainability for the Peruvian communities”.

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