Silvia Giovanardi


– E T H I C A L F A S H I O N D E S I G N E R –
Sustainability is at the center of Silvia Giovanardi‘s work as a fashion designer, painter, and photographer.
Her philosophy promotes the return to the conceptual and original meaning of Fashion as a lifestyle. A modus vivendi that
re-discovers, through art, the beauty of nature.
For almost 6 years she had been working as the manager of the menswear artistic office of Etro. In that period she evolved
as a person and as a professional at the same time.
Over the years, in order to follow the ideology she had since she was a child, which is a huge respect for mother nature,
she realized that it would have been important to start making the difference to help fashion not to be the second most polluting
indutry in the world anymore.
This new awareness gave her the chance to start, with great humility, a project related to the world of art and fashion, that could
convey a message to help protect our world, becoming an ambassador of a new harmony, an empowering elegance.
Her mission is reflected in her first collection HONEYMOON 1 inspired to Japan, a marvelous and magical nation seen through the eyes of a woman in love, during her honeymoon.

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