Shine Hamburg


Shine Accessoires Hamburg – leather Bags made to last!

Founded in September 2013, the label defines itself through minimalistic Design with the focus on the actual highlight – the material and the perfect workmanship.

The Czech Designer Gabriela Philipp combines the influences of the two cosmopolitan cities – the vibrant Shanghai – her home for seven years – and the stylish Hanseatic city of Hamburg, her current residence.
The Asian Minimalistic Design und the classical Chic of the hamburger merchandisers reflect in every piece of the collection.
‘Shine Hamburg’ pays homage to traditional values such as honest handcraft, high quality leather and timeless style. The aim of the designer is to create a fashion piece that would last a life time.
The leather used in collections is vegetable tanned, using olives leaves in the tanning process. It originates from Bavaria and excels with its haptics and a beautiful smell.
The natural structure of the Italian buffalo leather is the eye catcher. The 3D-structure of the leather is enhanced through a repeated shrinkage of the buffalo skin in a hot water, making the leather extremely robust.
The entire collection is produced in a family run manufacture in Czech Republic, hand sewn, making every bag unique.

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